Do you think your parents are looking forward to you leaving the house? Are you worried they will experience the "Empty Nest" syndrome? Well, it turns out that for most of you that will NOT be the case. At least half of parents in a recent survey said they "CAN"T WAIT" for their kids to leave the house. My favorite part of the survey however is that 26% of the parents said they they will act devastated even though they are not. (so sneaky)

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So what are they looking forward to? According to the survey they are mostly looking forward to some peace and quiet and spending time together as a couple again. They are also looking forward to vacations and cruses without you, being financially more stable, converting your room, trading in the family "truckster" on a smaller car and of course LESS housework.

The good news for you if you love being at home with the rents is that 80% of parents believe that you will be around much longer than they would like for economic reasons and 90% really feel sorry for today's younger generation and the struggles they will face trying to become independent. That doesn't mean they can't dream though.

So I wanted to turn it around for a minute. Now that you know your parents may secretly be counting down the days until they can turn your room into a home gym, what are you secretly exited about when you leave? What are you most looking forward to about being independent? And what WONT you miss about living with your parents?