When the national landscape of Country radio is looking for input we always are asked to help out the industry at 1077 'GNA because they know our listeners are some of the most informed and brightest country radio listeners in the nation. We have been asked to seek your valuable time and input again in a national country radio study. All of the information you provide is 100% confidential and the entire survey which covers all aspects of country radio and music should take about 15 minutes. As a thank you for helping shape the landscape of country radio with your valuable input upon completion you will be in a drawing for $100 cash. There will be multiple $100 incentive winners. That's how important this is. You can start the survey by clicking this link and entering WGNA's code number so they know you're listening to us. Our code is A96, that's A96. Thank you for being a part of this very important study, and your input will literally be utilized by major country radio stations all over America. We really appreciate your time.