Thanks very much for asking, by the way.  I knew this would be something that was keeping you up at night, so I am here to help

It's not really being forgiving or respectful or loving or anything like that.  The secret?  Have a big wedding!  Yup.
Patrik Osterberg-Pool, Getty Images
Patrik Osterberg-Pool, Getty Images
That's it!  According to, A University of Virginia study showed that if you threw a big wedding of at least 150 people, you have a better chance of having a happy marriage than weddings of under 50 people.
  I actually don't believe this.  I am here to disprove it  We want to try a little survey to see who's right and who's wrong.
In the comment section,  put the word BIG, MIDSIZED, or SMALL and either HAPPY, KIND OF, or UNHAPPY.  No names needed.  We will compile this very scientific survey and give you the results.

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