Selkirk Woman’s Kindness Cabinet Helps Those in Need
When I saw this story about the Selkirk woman who turned the front of her house into a community food pantry for those in need, the first thing I thought was, "Wow, now that's a kind thing to do."   Kindness is defined as "the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate" and this checked all of the boxes.
Brian’s Son Makes Adorable GNA Debut [AUDIO]
Thursday morning while barricaded in the bedroom, I was broadcasting from home on the GNA morning show. It was approaching 9am and as Chrissy and I started flying through the rest of the show, I heard the rest of the house starting to stir.  M...
Kids On Kindness: “My Mom and Dad Saw a Bear Once”
I had a chance to sit down with my son and his classmates last week at school to get their thoughts on kindness and friendship.  Many people loved this segment.  It showed the true purity and innocence of 4 and 5-year-old's and perhaps there was something for us adults to learn here.  Plus, it was funny as heck!  In addition to coming away incredibly impressed with how sweet, smart, silly and comp
Finding Inspiration in Unlikely Places
When you walk into most school bathrooms you find the usual necessities, a stall, sink, mirror, paper towels. One local school district has added a little something special to its middle school bathrooms, inspirational quotes.
Kind Man In Supermarket Becomes Superhero For My Son
It seems rare to find someone these days who not only loves their job, but also excels at it.  Perhaps that's the reason why this moment stood out to me so much. The other day while doing a little grocery shopping with my 3 year old son Brody, a man who worked in the produce section of a local supermarket changed my son's entire day, and rescued me from a parenting nightmare.
A Beautiful Baby Needs Our Help – The Kindness Project
Recently I put out a call for letters from people who needed or knew someone who needed just a little something to make them smile. Every once in a while I try to find someone to just show kindness to in some way, maybe it's a date night or a backstage pass, maybe it's a new appliance or an overgrown lawn...
Two Teenagers Start Kindness Club
All you need is love! That's what Allegra Padula and Oneida Shushe thinks. And I think they're right! Their goal is simple. Commit random acts of kindness and encourage others to pay it forward. And it all started during an after-school discussion between the two friends at the Colonie Central High School library...
Amazing Inspirational Video – This Will Be The Best 3 Minutes Of Your Day!
I can't even explain how incredible I think this video is, clearly the message of kindness and giving is one that should always be valued and spread as often as possible. There is more to it though, perhaps the production itself, the acting and directing set the tone so very well. Perhaps it's the fact that it is in a foreign language and because of that emphasizes how much we are all truly alike
The Greatest Hidden Camera Video EVER! Watch And Share With Your Friends Right Away! [VIDEO]
If you are like me, the events over this last week have been taking a bit of a toll on your emotions. It's especially hard when you have to try to be positive and help other people get ready for their day every morning. Our jobs are to entertain, but also inform and help our listeners understand the events that our transpiring. When too many of those events are of a tragic nature it does become ha