Thursday morning while barricaded in the bedroom, I was broadcasting from home on the GNA morning show. It was approaching 9am and as Chrissy and I started flying through the rest of the show, I heard the rest of the house starting to stir.  My girlfriend Samantha, our two dogs Biggie and Tiny, and the littlest man of the house Brody were all buzzing around, eating their breakfast, watching some TV and getting set for their day.  I poked my head out for a few minutes to check to see how everyone was doing.  Samantha was all dressed up looking lovely as always (she has miraculously done this every day while working from home throughout the entire pandemic) the little man was comfy on the couch and Biggie and Tiny were doing what they do best, sleep.

I told Brody and Samantha that I had to jump back on the radio in a few minutes and that I'd see them soon, and that's when Brody said to me in the cutest voice, "Daddy can I come and do the radio with you?"  I was shocked.  He's never really talked a whole lot about my job or what I do and quite frankly, I don't know why he'd be all that interested in it.  He hears me talk plenty around the house, so he most certainly gets his fill.

This was a moment I will always cherish as Chrissy and I put the little man on the air to talk to about kindness and one of his favorite movies "Up!"

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