I had a chance to sit down with my son and his classmates last week at school to get their thoughts on kindness and friendship.  Many people loved this segment.  It showed the true purity and innocence of 4 and 5-year-old's and perhaps there was something for us adults to learn here.  Plus, it was funny as heck!  In addition to coming away incredibly impressed with how sweet, smart, silly and compassionate these young children are, I gained a different level of appreciation for what Brody's teacher does day in and day out to make my child - and many others - a better human being.  His teacher, Miss Sam, is basically a saint.  She does this stuff everyday with the children, while I sat in there for 30 minutes and when it was over, I needed a vacation from life.  Anyway, enjoy the segment we aired called "Brody's Classmates: Friendship and Kindness"

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