A homeless mother in Kansas was caught stealing $300 worth of stuff from Walmart last Monday. When the police were called it was officer Mark Engravalle who responded. He of course did his job and issued the woman a citation but it wasn't as simple as that for Mark.

As it turns out the woman, Sarah Robinson is a mother of 6 and has been homeless since her husband died in 2011. Sarah was trying to steal diapers, baby wipes and clothes for her children. After giving her the citation for shoplifting Mark who is a father himself paid for the things she was trying to steal for her children and after finding out they were all barefoot, he bought them all shoes. He said when he found out what the situation was, he didn't hesitate.

The really nice thing about the story is that when news of the story got out a local radio station raised $6000 for Sarah to cover her fine and more, while another local radio station is collecting clothes for the kids.