Sandy: More Wind Than Rain
For Albany area residents there is a touch of a silver lining with Sandy as the National Weather Service in Albany has stated that we should see more wind rather than rain when Sandy hits late Monday  and early Tuesday. Irene dumped around six inches of rain on the area but Sandy is expected to…
Frankenstorm for Halloween? Could the Albany Area See a Hurricane?
We reported yesterday that we could see a hurricane hit a cold front and merge with a Nor'easter thus producing a snowy hurricane. Good news - doesn't look like we'll be getting any snow. Bad news - it looks like we could see a great deal of rain and wind. We have the updated details …
Today is Last Day to Apply for FEMA Aid
Today is the last day for victims of Tropical Storm Irene to ask for aid.  FEMA wants anyone whose homes were damaged by Irene or the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee to register for aid no later than today.
Climate Changing for Upstate New York
We should prepare ourselves for hotter summers, snowier winters, severe floods, and a range of other effects.  Tropical Storms Irene and Lee are believed to be signs of a climate change for upstate New York.
Delays and Closures Effecting Albany Area Traffic
Even though Tropical Storm Irene has moved on, she has left quite the path of destruction behind for us to clean up. It is causing some major traffic problems across the Capital Region, which could make commuting this morning just a little bit trickier. Here is a list of road closures from around …