We reported yesterday that we could see a hurricane hit a cold front and merge with a Nor'easter thus producing a snowy hurricane. Good news - doesn't look like we'll be getting any snow. Bad news - it looks like we could see a great deal of rain and wind. We have the updated details and with Irene fresh on our minds, we're not looking forward to this storm.

Hurricane Sandy

Just when we thought we'd dodged the bullet of another hurricane or tropical storm this year, Mother Nature has other plans for us. Sandy might be a tropical storm by the time she hits us, but so was Irene. There are three storm paths that the National Weather Service thinks could be likely:

1) Sandy slams into southeast Maine, then heads west across northern New York State. This is a very unusual storm track.

2) Sandy comes ashore on the central New Jersey coast and then turns her sights on eastern New York and western New England. That's us.

3)  Sandy hits Cape Cod and tracks westward along the Massachusetts Turnpike. Hope she brings toll money.

Making matters worse is the fact that this storm will move in very slowly and the rain / wind period will be prolonged.

In a twist of irony, Gov. Cuomo says that the emergency preparedness conference scheduled for NY may be delayed, due to a weather emergency.

New York State has had full on hurricanes in the past (check out the list)  - and our share of tropical storms. We aren't used to this sort of weather so it's always good to take precautions. Keep an eye on the latest weather and we'll keep you updated as Sandy approaches.

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