I'll admit that while I thought the idea was a pure stroke of genuis, I didn't really have much a feel for how people's reaction would be to Howe Caverns 'Naked In A Cave' promotion  on Saturday.  While the buzz from the event went viral, I still had some questions whether or not people wanted get butt-naked in front of complete stangers and check out age old cavernous holes. I for one am probably too immature NOT to be goofing around and making bad puns. Turns out that hundreds went, mostly behaved, and according to one Redditt user, yes 'there were swingers there...but it was not that kind of event.' Sorry, but we had to ask!

A man on Albany Redditt user who goes by the username u/Inderoll, discussed his experience and answered almost each question with a thoughful, polite answer.

Was it a sausage fest?

"More like mini hot dogs, mostly due to the cold. Really though, it was pretty balanced. The overwhelming majority were couples. There were a few odd man out people, and most of them were guys, but there definitely were single women too."

Is there anything sexual to these type of events? 

"No there was nothing sexual about this event. It was like any other tour/casual cocktail party. I don't think the nudity had much to do with vulnerability, but probably more to do with openness and acceptance of others. There were people there that were swingers, I did speak with some, but this was not that kind of event."


"When my wife and I first started dating, we planned a trip to Howe Caverns. We ended up not going to due to being hungover, and now years later we still never had gone together.

We don't really wear clothes around the house much, and in the past roomates of mine and hers have noticed we're 'nudies' so this seemed like a fun opportunity to check out a group nude experience.

I get your question though, my mother asked the same one."

For more pictures, comments and insight from Naked in a Cave, click this link.

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