If you have a bucket list item of walking through a cave naked, well you won't have to go very far to check it off that list.

Mark the date on your calendar, July 14th is an event that Howe Caverns is holding. Naked in a Cave. Its all in celebration of International Nude Day. Now I am sure this is much better than walking the dog down the street in the buff. Or at least more legal. Not many catches here either, you must be 21. You cannot take any photos. You also must wear shoes. But that is pretty much it.

When you pay the $65 to take part in this event you will get a souvenir robe and will even get handed a free drink, one of the alcoholic variety.

Would you want to do this? Disrobe and check out the beautiful Howe Caverns? I want to do this myself. Just don't laugh please when you see me. That wouldn't be cool.

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