A couple of weeks ago at his concert in Tampa, Fla., Dierks Bentley took his shirt off and someone sent me a picture of it.

I used to live there and I have lots of friends that went to that show and they know just how much Dierks means to me. So, they knew I would appreciate it more than anyone.

That one picture of a shirtless Dierks Bentley wasn't really good enough for our listeners, they needed to see allllllllll of that live and in person! So, knowing that Dierks Bentley was our #WGNACountryfest Headliner this year, I made it my personal, and professional mission to get him to TAKE IT OFF for all of the Capital Region!

Well, Schaghticoke, you're welcome! It happened!

After his amazing, electrifying set, full of hit after hit after sing-along hit, Dierks pulled me up on stage and took his shirt off and did a hot little Magic Mike dance, and handed me his deliciously sweaty black T-shirt!

I've never seen anything like this. Ever.

Here are some pictures from the glorious event!

I meet Dierks backstage and we fall in love!
Photo: Bethany


Dierks says "Do you want this shirt?" I say "Yaaassssssss!"
Photo: Kelly Gibson
He removes his shirt and does an outstanding dance routine with it!
Photo: Richie Phillips
I can't even.
Photo: Kelly Gibson
Photo: Kelly Gibson
He hands me the shirt! (And yes, I still have it! And yes, it smells amazing!)
Photo: Jean LeFalce
He did it! Shirtless Dierks Bentley at WGNA Countryfest 2015!
Photo: Jean LaFalce
Ladies and gentlemen Dierks Bentley
Photo: Kate Jarosh