I don't know about you but I've been ready for the hot temperatures to hit since, well, the cold temperatures started. Lets be serious, once that chill is in your bones, it's almost impossible to get it out! Plus, I'm sick of being sick and while yes, I know I can get sick any time of the year I feel very strongly about the fluctuating temps playing a role in everyone feeling so crappy over the last few months.

So, when I saw that it was supposed to hit high 70's into low 90's throughout this week in mid-May, I instantly wished the weekend away and started thinking of all of the things to take advantage of as the sun shines in the Capital Region.

Here's the list of 20 things you could and should totally be trying to accomplish this week:

  1. The first soft serve of the season - sure, I've had ice cream...at home. I've even been out for frozen yogurt, but there is something about hitting up Guptills or Country Drive In for that first twist, outside in the warmth.
  2. Lunch outside - even if you're by yourself, the sound of birds, the sunshine, it's all incredibly relaxing and gives you that boost to keep going through your work day
  3. Open the Windows - I know, it sounds silly and like a "duh" thing to have on this list, but I feel like the reminder just might be necessary!
  4. Grilling - I'm sure you've done this already, hell, I know people that do it all year long. However, it's safe to say it almost makes a beautiful day feel whole.
  5. Mini-Golf - Get to a location near you and pretend it's the weekend!
  6. Walk the Trails - Whichever may be your favorite, find a good walking trail and enjoy the beauty of nature. (Personal fave: Peebles Island)
  7. Choose the Patio - Wherever you happen to go for lunch or dinner, don't let them stick you inside! Wait the additional time and get out on that patio!
  8. Fruity Drinks - Girls, you know you want one...Guys, just do it! There's nothing more refreshing this time of the year and honestly, we could all use an adult beverage to set the season.
  9. Brad Paisley at SPAC - He'll be here on Thursday and it's the first big country show at the venue for the season. What better way to enjoy a potentially 90 degree evening?! Oh, Chase Bryant and Dustin Lynch will also be on the bill.
  10. Bon fire - the days are staying lighter longer, the fire pits are just calling your name and so are the s'mores!
  11. Take the kids to the park - The Crossings, Clifton Commons, wherever kid fun can be had! It was a long cold winter - get on the swings!
  12. Tulipfest - I know, I know - the festival itself was over the weekend, but the tulips aren't going anywhere and the weather for the festival didn't exactly cooperate!
  13. Bike around - Get air in the tires and hit the roads, trails, neighborhood...just don't forget your helmet!
  14. Farmers Market - They're scattered throughout the Capital Region, mainly on weekends and you'll get the freshest and healthiest foods around!
  15. Ice Cream Trucks - Listen, I'm not saying to have the guy stop every single time he rolls through the neighborhood because, who can afford that these days?! But, this week, just once - enjoy it!
  16. Stroll Through Saratoga - Any outdoor shopping and strolling is a difficult task in our cold months, but there is nothing more beautiful than the streets of Saratoga in the Spring and Summer!
  17. Valley Cats - Get out to the ball game! Have a hot dog, grab a cold beer, take in the game and cheer 'em on!
  18. Lake George - It's simple: when it's hot, get to the beach!
  19. Make the Yard Look Pretty - It doesn't feel like "work" when the weather is so beautiful. Planting new flowers, picking weeds and making the lawn look nice has never felt so good!
  20. Turn up the Radio, Roll down the Windows - Soak it all up for the time it's here! We know how quickly the weather can turn!

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