Get ready to crank up the air conditioning this month.

We had a very mild Spring, June was warm and now it looks like we have a very hot month ahead of us this July. According to the Weather Channel, temperatures in Upstate in New Your and across the Northeast United States will be "much above average" in July.

Now normally, I think we would all take this much of an extended forecast with a grain of salt. Living in Upstate New York, we know it is difficult enough just forecasting a few days out as the weather here changes so much. That said, it looks like the Weather Channel may be on the right path here. Earlier this year they predicted a warmer than normal summer, and based on the month of June we started off that way.

Normally a hot summer probably would not phase us at all in the Capital Region. But with everything we are still dealing with in regards to the pandemic our options are more limited than normal when it comes to keeping cool. Beaches have reduced capacity, pools and waterparks are closed and movie theaters still have not reopened. Even if our temperatures were average this summer, it would probably seem hotter anyway!

Stay cool out there...

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