52% of women said they "sometimes" feel sexy, and 3% said they ALWAYS do. Yaaasssss Kweens!

Well now, a recent study has found the things that make women feel the most sexy -

1.  Knowing someone else finds you attractive.  More than half of the women polled said it makes them feel sexy!

2.  Getting a compliment from your boyfriend or husband.

3.  Wearing a new outfit.

4.  Buying sexy underwear.

5.  Losing weight.

6.  Getting a compliment from a stranger.

7.  Getting a new hairstyle.

8.  Being noticed when you walk into a room.

9.  Having a tan.

10.  Going away for the weekend.

We asked our listeners what makes them feel sexy and they added -

-Wearing a boyfriend's T-shirt

-Likes on their Facebook pictures

-Getting hit on

Here's hoping you're having a super sexy day!

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