It seems pretty obvious – look at a picture of something that you no longer have and it makes you smile.  But studies show that it brings more happiness than we previously thought.

According to a group called the Happiness Project:

"A photo of something can sometimes replace the thing itself, and even make it more beautiful"


I totally believe that, don't you?  Here's an example:

photo by Richie

 We no longer have our cocker spaniel, Mel.  He was a little annoying at times, but when I saw this picture, it made me smile again


photo by Richie

We no longer have Ben's hockey equipment, and he is no longer a goalie for Niskayuna High.  That was the most exciting thing I've ever watched - especially with him in the goalie box.   Smiling as I type!

photo by Richie

The "brown thing'".  I'll leave that alone.  Sometime when you see him, ask Sean about it.  He'll tell you why that made HIM smile!


What pictures make YOU smile?  Maybe you should dig them out of your hard drives or shoe boxes and look at them again.