Thanksgiving is good for you.
"Wait just one garsh darn minute there, Sean. How in the world can feeding your pie hole all day long with turkey and stuffing and gravy and yes, even pie be healthy? How can laying around and drinking beer and falling asleep while watching football with your pants open be healthy? You, Sir, are a mad man!!"
Ok, you got that off your chest, you feel better now? Good. Let me explain.
The gluttony may not be good for you but the actual act of being thankful is. According to an article in "USA Today", it is even something that you should be doing every day to make yourself happier and healthier. A psychology professor studied gratitude and found that people who are grateful are more alert, more engaged, more connected and enthusiastic. In fact, he found that 75% of people who count their blessings score higher in happiness tests and sleep better.


There are other studies being done as well which back up the professors claim and it turns out, gratitude may be one of the strongest human emotions. So why not use this holiday to change the way you think a little bit. A study at the University of Michigan found that just writing down three things that went well that day, every night can increase your overall happiness after just one month. Start on Thanksgiving but remember to take some time every day to count your blessings and appreciate what you have.

You may remember I did say in the title of this blog that there is one catch. (there always is) I do however, think it's a pretty easy one to get past. The catch is you have to really mean it. It wont work if your just going through the motions, so when you write those thank you notes, or say grace at dinner, remember to mean what you say. Its gotta come from the heart.

Let me close by saying with genuine emotion and sincerity, thank you so much for taking the time to hear my thoughts. Happy Thanksgiving.

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