Today was Buffalo Bills General Manager Brandon Beane's birthday.  Josh Allen, being the thoughtful gift giver that he is, got him a gift that didn't go over well.

Brandon Beane gets a gift

Josh Allen was the first big draft pick for Brandon Beane.  They've both been with the Buffalo Bills for the same amount of time.  So you can imagine that they would have a pretty close relationship.  But when it comes to gifts, Brandon Beane might not have the same sense of humor as his quarterback does.

Josh Allen loves making jokes

There's no question that Allen embraces the child inside.  He's well known for making jokes and having fun no matter what he does.  It's one of the things that Bills Mafia loves so much about him.  He seems to make everything more fun.

Josh Allen buys Brandon Beane a gift

Today, the Buffalo Bills general manager celebrated his birthday.  Josh Allen got into the spirit by getting him a gift.

As he opens the box, you can tell that Beane is at least a little guarded.  He sheepishly opens the shoe box as if he was waiting for something to jump out at him.  As he brushed the tissue paper away, he uncovers the gift that Josh thought he would love.  It was a bucket hat, but not just any bucket hat.  It was a bucket hat with beans all over it.  Or should I say Beanes?

"You're an idiot." Beane says as he tried to hold back a laugh.

Does it get better than this?


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