I love my mom so much, so I get a little anxiety when I am trying to decide what to get her for Mother's Day!  What gift will represent the 30 years she has spent loving me?

Well, a new survey asked moms what they actually WANT for Mother's Day this year.  And the number one answer was a gift card, so they can just pick out their OWN gift.  27% of moms say that's what they want.

I don't feel like that's what my mom would like the most, but, maybe I'm wrong!

A spa day was next, with 13% of the vote.  Almost 30% of moms said they plan on doing something to pamper themselves on Mother's Day, even if THEY have to pay for it.

As far as gifts go, 58% said they'd prefer to get something sentimental, 19% want something creative, 13% want you to pay for them to go DO something, and luckily for me, 6% just want something expensive.

But buying her stuff isn't the only way to make your mom happy.  Here are the top three things moms say they'd like someone to DO for them on Mother's Day . . .

1.  Clean their house, 33%.

2.  Cook for them, 20%.

3.  Take care of their kids, 14%.

The survey also found that 40% of Americans think Mother's Day should be a national holiday.

So, what do you plan on getting your mom for Mother's Day?  Mom's, does this survey match up with how you feel?  Let me know in the comments section below!

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