I know, I know, it's the Holiday season, and you should love everyone.  And, that's all well and good, but even if you love everyone, you can't possibly like everyone.  Sometimes you have to give gifts to people you don't really like.

A new survey found the top 10 presents we give to people we don't really like.  Here they are -

1.  A bad box of chocolates.


2.  A bottle of wine that's been sitting around in your house.


3.  Bubble bath you're re-gifting.


4.  Books you've already read and don't want to keep.


5.  Socks.


6.  DVDs you've watched and don't like.


7.  Cheap perfume or cologne.


8.  A scarf.


9.  Cheap soap that looks expensive.


10.  CDs of bad music.

Have you ever given any of these gifts?  Or worse, have you received any of them?  How can you tell if a gift giver is really into you or if they're re-gifting a crappy gift?

I wish I knew the answers to these questions, but I don't.  So Merry Christmas anyway!

Christmas Tree

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