I don't have children yet so sometimes when debates regarding children come up, I feel I may be out of my element, except I heard this story from a restaurant in North Carolina and I think they have a point.

Distractify is reporting that a fine dining restaurant in North Carolina has banned children under five because of a situation that happened there recently. As they described it, a family brought their young child to the restaurant who was not only incredibly misbehaved but ended up blasting the volume on his iPad and after many complaints the parents did nothing about it. Since then, no children under five are allowed and though there was outrage at first, sales have grown.


I see the argument that the child misbehaving is the fault of the parents, I don't disagree with that. If you have a child under five at a fine dining restaurant, it's up to the parents to make sure they behave themselves but sometimes it's impossible. Kids are kids.

I get the frustration that this ban creates complications for parents who happen to have children under five, it gives them one less place to go to eat as a family. I've never been to a fine dining restaurant where kids were and had an issue with them. On that note, though, that means the parents were attending to their children and making sure they were behaving. So, is it inconvenient? Yes, but I don't necessarily see this as keeping out children under five but keeping inattentive parents out of the restaurant. It's a touchy subject, though. What do you think of the ban?

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