Thanksgiving is coming up very soon and one of the dinner must-haves is something with an expandable waistline. Stove Top thought ahead and now you can buy your own Thanksgiving Dinner Pants.

I never really understood why people get dressed up for Thanksgiving. At least 50% of people in that house changed my diaper as a baby and 100% saw me go through awkward puberty so why should I try to look pretty? Stretchy pants for me!

Foodbeast has found that Stove Top has helped better the holiday by making the perfect pair of pants, the Thanksgiving Dinner Pants. The maroon pants feature an over the belly waistband with special stuffing print and oversized pockets. Pants went on sale November 13th and are available for $19.99 and free shipping, available in small to extra large. I just bought my pair (really, I did) so half of my Thanksgiving outfit is already picked out!

Stove Top will also be donating $10,000 to Feeding America this season.

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