With this time of year, it doesn't just bring the snow, the cold, but it also means you'll be hearing more bells and I don't just mean Christmas bells.

You know it's happened to you. You go to the mall to go Christmas shopping and you see one of the famous red kettles looking for donations for Salvation Army. You know the great things the organization has done and want to help but you don't have any cash. Salvation Army thought about that this year and are adding a new way to help their cause.

The Salvation Army is going to be adding NFC tags to their kettles this year so that you can use Apple Pay and Google Pay to donate, according to CBS 6. Leaders have noticed that less and less people are carrying cash with them these days. They've tried credit card readers in the past but it just was too difficult.

When you come across a red kettle, "hold your phone up to the Apple Pay or Google Pay tag on the sign, and a screen will appear on your phone that allows you to enter your donation." Donations have been down over the last couple of years and they're hoping this new way to donate will change that.

All donations with the Salvation Army stay local and helps programs all year long. The red kettles went out on November 11th and will stay out until December 24th.

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