Eleven-year-old John Francis Hoague-Rivette is suffering from brain cancer and while he's in hospice care he is asking for your help.
 You may remember John Francis Hoague-Rivette as the young boy who became an honorary captain of the Washington County Sheriff's Office. They bestowed the honor upon him before he went in for brain surgery. He was also escorted back to his home by police from around the region when he was released from the hospital.

According to News Channel 13, his family is asking for your help. John Francis is in hospice care and is struggling with pain. The one thing that is helping is that he is receiving pins, challenge coins, and patches from the military, police, and firefighters.

His family is hoping that he can continue to receive these items from all over the world. If you would like to send John Francis any of these items you can mail them to the address below.

"Captain" John Francis Hoague-Rivette
PO Box 6
Whitehall, NY 12887

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