My household is filled with Buffalo Bills fans and they love their team. We all watched the game last Sunday, and quarterback Josh Allen played well and got the win for his team. But no one had any idea what he was dealing with. In true Bills Mafia fashion, they made a beautiful gesture in honor of their quarterback. Buffalo Bills fans keep proving that they are the best fans in the NFL. They not only care about their team, but they always come through for the Queen City. After last Sunday's game against the Seattle Seahawks, we learned that their quarterback, Josh Allen's grandmother had passed away the night before. He was playing with a heavy heart.

According to WKBW, Josh Allen revealed that his grandmother had passed away the day before the game but didn't say anything until after he played on Sunday. Bills Mafia came together and decided to honor their quarterback's grandmother by putting out a call to action. They asked all Buffalo Bills fans to donate at least $17 (the jersey number of Josh Allen) to the Oishaei Children's Hospital in Buffalo. Bills Mafia responded in a big way.

Donations came pouring into the Children's Hospital and as of last night, they raised over $412,000 and counting. Josh Allen had this to say about the amazing people that make up Buffalo and Bills Mafia:


"To know that people care and that so much good is coming out of a tough situation, it means the world to myself, it means the world to my family. It just shows how this Bills community and this Buffalo community rally around each other, that's what they've been known for and that's what they're still known for. I can't thank everybody who supported and donated, I can't thank them enough."

The Oishaei Children's Hospital in Buffalo is near and dear to us. Ryan was actually born there and had a lot of health issues. He spent a ton of time in that hospital getting the best possible care until he was about four-years-old. Glad to see this hospital getting substantial donations.

If you'd like to make a donation you can here.

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