Chrissy's Nana Is 103 Today
I definitely know how blessed I am to be celebrating my Nana's 103rd birthday with her today. She is truly amazing and I would love to share some interesting things about her on her special day.
Capital Region Birthday Freebies [LIST]
My birthday is on Monday, December 18th and I tried looking up what free or discounted things I could get and it's always the same boring list and usually none of them are local, until now!
Starbucks Is Keeping Us From Having to Interact with People
I'm a gift card hoarder and gift cards are my favorite present to get for my birthday or Christmas. I get it, it's easy and that way the person giving it to me knows I'm getting what I want. From what I've heard, Starbucks is changing the gift card game these days.
Blows Out Candles & Teeth
My birthday is right around the corner and I can only hope to make it to 102 years old. This woman was celebrating her birthday with her family and friends and gave all of them a great laugh I'm sure they won't forget.
Louise Bonito's family was having a belated celebration for her April 26 birthday …

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