Apologies that this may sound like a rant, that's because it is. Facebook already reminded me of people's birthdays that I'm barely acquaintances with and now they want more from me? Leave me alone!

Originally, Facebook would remind me of people's birthdays. I felt compelled to say something even though I barely knew the people but what's the harm in that? It took 5 minutes out of the time I was most likely already wasting on Facebook to begin with so, why not? Now, Facebook, you took it to another level that I'm not okay with.

Now, not only is Facebook reminding me of birthdays of people I haven't seen since the 4th grade, but they're telling me to donate to their charity. What? These are people that I was only saying "Happy Birthday" to out of politeness, I haven't actually had a conversation with them since before Facebook came out, now you want me to donate money? Yes, the causes are great and according to Mashable, they've raised $300 million for charities in the first year which is awesome but stop bugging me about it!

If my best friend who may have used St. Jude as a child was raising money for such a great cause, I was going to spend money on her anyway so this would be a great addition. Now, Facebook telling me that the girl I was in summer camp with for one year in the 6th grade is raising money and wants me to donate. Sorry, Facebook, that's not happening.

Could I stop all of my problems by just not using Facebook? Oh sure, but let's be realistic, is that something that's really that easy? No, so for now, I'm gonna rant until I get used to it, don't think it's that terrible of an idea and probably ask someone to donate to an organization I love in December for my birthday. Hey, at least I'm honest!

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