I definitely know how blessed I am to be celebrating my Nana's 103rd birthday with her today. She is truly amazing and I would love to share some interesting things about her on her special day. My Nana was born in 1915! 1915! That is unbelievable to me. She grew up and lived in Mechanicville her whole life. She and my Grandfather were married for 63 years and were in love until he passed at 87. She said the secret to their marriage was communication..."argue everyday".

Being 100% Italian, my Nana is an amazing cook. She made homemade macaroni until she was 97. She made us fried dough (pizza friet) all the time and we used it as sandwich bread. Her sauce is to die for, and no one can replicate it.

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She was a brilliant seamstress. She used to work in the glove factory in Cohoes that is now the Harmony Mills apartment complex. Nana actually made and sewed all of my sister Michele's bridesmaid dresses for her wedding.

Nana is also a champion bocce ball player. She won a ton of trophies and played at least three days a week until she was 97.

This is just a glimpse into my Nana's life. We are blessed to share so many memories with her and are able to celebrate her 103rd birthday. Happy Birthday NANA!!

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