Keith Urban came to Saratoga Performing Arts Center with Kelsea Ballerini last night and along with putting on a great show, Keith also made a fan's birthday!

We were standing in the pit, enjoying the show, when all of a sudden a sign went up in front of us "Today's my birthday, can I get a selfie?" Since it's only one of the first few shows of Keith Urban's Graffiti U tour, I don't know if this is something he's done at every show but at one point Keith Urban asked if it was anyone's birthday. That's when Billy held his sign up higher.

Keith happened to see the sign and asked 24-year-old Billy from Oneonta to come on stage. Billy was escorted by the record label up on stage to get the selfie he wanted for his birthday. Keith leaned down to talk to Billy's dad and finally asked Billy what he did for his birthday and Keith thought it was hilarious. Watch the video to find out what Keith referred to as "Free Enterprise."

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