Apps To Help You With Your Wedding Plans [VIDEO]
This is the time when people tie the knot or get thinking about doing it within the next year or two.  It's a daunting task, isn't it?  All of the months of planning just for a little 4 hour party!  Well, a bunch of computer geeks have come to the rescue!
Candy Crush
"Candy Crush". Man, this App is sweeping the nation. As of right now it is the number one downloaded App and is the number one Facebook App. Why? It is very addicting. Almost everywhere you go these days you can find people talking about it, and asking each other, "What Le…
Tech Talk
There are so many internet hacks and scams going on lately it's hard to keep up.  Check this one out- this is scary!  But I'll calm you down with a cute app for kids and more

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