Congrats to the creator of Hanx Writer. You have the No. One app in the Apple app store! And what is Hanx Writer

The Hanx refers to none other than actor and lover of old school typewriters... Tom Hanks

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Getty Images

What is the app?  You guessed it.  It turns your iPad into a …TYPEWRITER!!  Very simple idea, huh? Tom has always loved them, and actually has a message to you when you first open the app.

I have to say it's very authentic feeling and sounding.  And it's free!  There are in-app purchases if you want to go crazy.  You get one typewriter model free, but you can download others and they unlock extra features like multiple documents and different colored "ribbons" (remember those?)  Well, maybe you don't but I certainly do!   Here's a demo of it from

It's a neat idea, I have to say, and makes writing a little more fun and nostalgic.  Click here to order and start writing that next novel of yours!

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