There are so many internet hacks and scams going on lately it's hard to keep up.  Check this one out- this is scary!  But I'll calm you down with a cute app for kids and more

This hacker thing is really getting out of hand. According to the Huffington Post, these slimeballs got onto the Associated Press’ Twitter account and sent out a tweet that President Obama has been hurt in a series of explosions. Then AP responded really quickly and said it was a lie.  Glad they did, because the stock market lost 130 points when the news came out and then bounced right back after they found out it was a scam.    So don’t believe everything you hear on the ‘interwebs”


Netflix CEO Reed Hastings
Getty Images

Netflix now has 29.17 million paid subscribers. That, Forbes observes, is more than HBO, which at the end of last year reported 28.7 million subscribers. So if Netflix were a premium television channel, it would be No. 2, behind Encore.

They have a new family plan for $11.99 a month and four people in the family can stream simultaneously.

And now for App of the week. Alphabet Animals.  This is very cool and it teaches your kids letters by seeing animals in the same shape. Very cool, and only 1.99 in the app store

There you go, animal and Netflix lovers.  That's Tech Talk for this week.  If you see any tech related news, let me know in the comment section.  I'll spread the word - cuz I'm here for you, my friends.


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