Wow! I think I actually impressed MYSELF there for a second!  I actually came out with something half clever after 8 p.m.  I'm usually drooling on myself from exhaustion from another hard day at the morning show. But when I saw this, I had to spread the word to a lot of people, which is kind of what Facebook's new Slingshot aims to do

It's very much like the popular Snapchat.  Slingshot, from the way I understand it, allows you to send photos and videos out very quickly to groups of people (big or small, your choice).  After you send these things, they (supposedly) disappear forever.

The difference however is that with Slingshot, the only way people can see what you sent is by sending something back first.  Since the app is very visual, I thought it would make more sense to SHOW this to you rather than explain it!  Here's a demo from

So what do you think? Is this just another stupid time waster, or do you think it will be a Snapchat killer? Maybe it's something we can try on the air with someone.  If you are interested in being our first "Slingshot" recipient, email me at  (I haven't even downloaded the app yet. That might be the first step!  It's available for IOS and Android.