I really don't understand why people do the things they do. When I saw this story, I wonder how we, as a society, got to be so cruel. I guess now I have to inspect the playground before I can let my kid play on it. Really? What do these jerks possibly have to gain from this kind of behavior? It's sad. I saw the story on News 10 ABC and they got a hold of it from a Facebook post. As I watched, I was in disbelief that someone would spread thumbtacks all over a playground in Niskayuna.

Parents are baffled as to who would do such a thing with intent to injure innocent children just trying to enjoy the playground. The Town Parks Department is keeping an eye on the playgrounds. They said that there were some tacks scattered around picnic tables nearby too.

I guess we all have to keep a watchful eye and now inspect a little better before we let our kids run off and play. It's really sad.

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