You know something is a big deal in the Capital Region when Stewart's names an ice cream flavor in it's honor.   It doesn't happen all that much and it's  usually bestowed upon area landmarks, popular horses or local celebrities.  But a Stewart's ice cream flavor, familiar to many in the Capital Region,  is getting a bit of an image and name makeover, all for a very good cause.  One of the great annual Saratoga County fundraisers will take place at the end of April when students, faculty, staff and the community will get together for the 44th annual South High Marathon Dance .  The dance is a smash hit every year, and has raised close to 8 million dollars for various charities since it began in 1978.

This year the marathon dance with get a cool promotional boost from area Stewart's Shops.  Stewart's will be swapping out their popular Fireworks flavored ice cream and in honor the dance, it will now be known as Marathon Dance ice cream according to News 10 ABC.

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Marathon Blast, described as a combination of "creamy vanilla ice cream with a tart cherry swirl and red and blue pop-rocks" will be available from April 26 to May 2 at these three Saratoga County Stewart's locations:  3 Saratoga Ave, South Glens Falls,
1311 Route 9 in Gansevoort and 43 Bluebird Rd. in South Glens Falls.

The fundraiser is usually held in the South Glens Falls gym, but because of COVID protocols, an outdoor space was needed for the event which usually gets hundreds of participants.  This year the South High Marathon Dance will be at Six Flags Great Escape on Friday, April 30th.  In previous years, the dance was held over the course of a weekend.

Stewart’s has been very generous over the years providing ice cream at this event and donating proceeds from ice cream sales.   You may make a donation online through the official marathon dance website.

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