Marathon Dance

Stewart’s Names Ice Cream Flavor After Famed Fundraiser
You know something is a big deal in the Capital Region when Stewart's names an ice cream flavor in it's honor.   It doesn't happen all that much and it's  usually bestowed upon area landmarks, popular horses or local celebrities.  But a Stewart's ice cream flavor, familiar to many in the Capital Region,  is getting a bit of an image and name makeover, all for a very good cause.  One of the great a
South Glens Falls Marathon Dance Gets New Location After 44 Yrs
One of the coolest and most successful fundraisers in the Capital Region is getting a new location to adhere to COVID protocols. Last year, the South High Marathon Dance was one of the last events held before everything shut down. The students were able to raise over $800,000. They weren't sure if they would be able to hold this amazing event again, but they have a plan in place with help from the Great Escape.