Though numerous writers have tried writing unauthorized versions of Steve Jobs' biography, the first ever authorized rendition of his life will be on store shelves next year.  I'm not much of a biography reader myself, but this could be one that crosses my coffee table or on an iPad2 of course (if I ever buy one). 

Publisher Simon & Schuster announced on Sunday that Walter Isaacson will be finishing up and ready to publish the biography of Steve Jobs by early 2012.  It's been rumored for a while now that Isaacson has been working on the Jobs' biography since 2009.  No other details have been released except for the additional rumors of Isaacson interviewing Jobs, his family, Apple colleagues and his competitors.

Steve Jobs

The biography will be entitled "iSteve: The Book of Jobs."  Jobs, 56, is the CEO and co-founder of Apple, Inc.  He has been battling pancreatic cancer since 2004.  In January of this year, he took his third leave of absence from the company to concentrate on his health, which has included undergoing a liver transplant. 

Though you can read up on Jobs' history and background via the Internet or such sources as Wikipedia, this authorized biography will undoubtedly include details of this genius' personal life that's never been shared before.  I'm sure, though its only been rumored, the biography will include excerpts from Jobs himself that were revealed in his interview.

Unauthorized versions of Jobs' biography include "The Little Kingdom," by Mike Moritz and "iCon: Steve Jobs, The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business," by Jeffrey S. Young & William L. Simon.  The second version was about his return to Apple after once leaving.  Jobs actually reacted to by banishing works by John Wiley & Sons from Apple stores.

Here's a link with more information on Jobs' biography:

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