Sesame Street & CNN To Air "Stand Up to Racism"
When it's hard to make sense of the world especially to our children, we can always turn to Sesame Street. Now our favorite muppets have teamed up with CNN for a special called "Coming Together: Standing Up to Racism".
CNN To Griffin: You’re Fired
Kathy Griffin sounded desperate and angst ridden as she begged for forgiveness after an "artistic" photograph was published of her holding the the severed, bloody head of Donald Trump. For most it was too gruesome to be taken lightly and (as we predicted on the morning show today) …
Obama’s Individual Mandate Upheld – CNN Gets It Wrong, Again
Twitter exploded once the Supreme Court announced their decision that the Affordable Health Care act provision that all citizens are required to have insurance is in fact constitutional. All of the major news outlets had it right, except for CNN who declared that it was struck down. C…
Nick Charles, CNN’s First Sports Anchor, Dead at 64
Sportscaster Nick Charles has died of bladder cancer at his home in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He was 64.
As CNN’s first sports anchor, his work with Fred Hickman on the nightly-roundup show ‘Sports Tonight’ sometimes drew a larger audience than even that of sports ne…
Royal Wedding Hat Up for Auction
Britain’s Princess Beatrice is auctioning off the hat she wore last month to the royal wedding ceremony of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

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