Stephentown , NY is now immortalized in song -(well, that might be a stretch, but at least I wrote you something) 

First I would like to thank all of the "peeps" for snding me information.  Loved the facts!  Unfortunately I don't have alot of photos of your fine little town, so I am stuck with this one

Screen Shot stephentown
Google Maps

Well, not too many pictures, but I did have alot of info, so here we go with your song.

mp3 version (for iPhone users)


Lyrics ©2013 Richie Phillips   All Rights Reserved

Here is a town no matter where you roam it is a place where we call home
Sarah Grant's been there from birth it's the only Stephentown on earth
Gardners ice cream we must discuss and slices of pizza at the pizza plus
And this is no jive, it's a town that's been thriving  since 1765
it's Steventown where the drive is short
only a few minutes from a ski resort
To wrap up your week, nothing is finer
Than slugging down a beer at the beer diviner
There's a speedway there that the kids did a lot
It was the site of the filming of taking Woodstock (wow man)
Folks love it can't hate it
they hope some day you'll make it
out to Steventown 
Take the wife and you're aunt Mable
got nothing to hide when you go for a ride down at the Cinchem Up Stables
Car Wash and a laundrymat
all in one place how bout that
at the rod and fish club you'll will just die
when you grab a bite of their tasty fish fry
Snows farm has all you need
if you want some honey sticks and chicken feed
you'll love it not hate it
thy hoe some day you'll make it
to StevenTown 



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