Remember that law I told you about earlier this week that says you can't take a selfie with your voting ballot? Some think is is unconstitutional and are fighting back.

When we vote, it is our one chance every year to voice our opinions and help chart the path of our local, state and federal governments. And as you can imagine, some like to show off their choices by posting ballot selfies to social media. Well, believe it or not, this is illegal in some states - including New York!

One would assume this is the ultimate example of free speech, and something like this would not be illegal. I mean, what is the difference between showing your ballot or just writing a post about who ya vote for, right?

This seems to be one of those laws that is a little bit of an over reach, especially when it comes to free speech, and some New Yorkers are fighting back, According to the Times Union, three New York City residents are suing their local boards of election and district attorneys to get this law reversed, which is currently considered a misdemeanor.

I personally think this one will get reversed. According to the article a few other states have deemed similar laws unconstitutional. New York should follow!

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