If you were hoping to post a ballot selfie this Tuesday, it will still be illegal after a judge upheld a law banning them.

It feels like a little bit of an over reach, and it is hard to imagine how posting a selfie with your election ballot could cause any issue. Yet, it will still remain law in New York that you cannot post a ballot selfie.

Some voters recently brought the case to court to have the law reversed, but a Manhattan judge will let it stay in place according to the Times Union.

The judge wrote in his report the tight turnaround to remove the rule for this election day would not be ideal, and he also cited it could cause more ' voter intimidation' saying employers, unions and religious organizations could try to monitor who people vote for and possibly 'retaliate' if against the will of the organization.

I still think this is a reach as far as the retaliations, but I guess crazier things have happened. Ultimately there is a lot we do on a daily basis that could fall under this category, things that are not prohibited by law to protect us.

I do agree changing it now is a little last minute - polling places will be busy, and switching procedures at this point would not be a good idea.

Maybe you can take that ballot selfie next year. Or maybe you will just go ahead and post it anyway ;)