I love new apps. I usually look at the most trending apps on my iPhone and try them out, that's just the kind of person I am. Well, I found FaceApp and I'm obsessed.

Honestly, the original reason I heard of FaceApp was some of the backlash it was getting with how it presented some of the filters. Now that it's situated, it's all in good fun. You take a picture of yourself and then make your face either old, young, female, male or add some smiles on your face.

As a female, I tried the female one anyway and it made my hair supermodel material. The young face didn't look much different than my original picture (Go me!), the old face is horrifying but my favorite is turning my face into a man. For some reason, it blurs part of my eye but I'm a good looking man. Brian, Chrissy & I did it this morning and we each got our various levels of FaceApp edit. Have you used this app? What's your favorite app on your phone?

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