Get the tissues out, people. This is a touching moment, selfie lovers.

Now this guy is set for life, let me tell you. This will solidify his relationship forever. What a hopeless romantic. Don't you wish YOU thought of this (but then again, they didn't have selfies when I got married, or cellphones or digital cameras or electricity for that matter)?

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Some are calling this the 2015 Proposal of the Year, and it has gone nuts on YouTube.

I love the way he staged this, by the way. Brilliant. He pretended that he was accidentally making a video instead of shooting a still. Her expression is priceless. This will make your day, guaranteed (tissues not included).

Well, Bethany, you are the selfie queen. You have some great ones with some of the biggest stars in country music, but I think these people have you beat. Congrats to this guy, whoever he is. I'm sure Ellen will pick up on this and have them on the air. Just wait.