Wow, I can't believe how excited the world is today about the release of some of the new toys that will accompany the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I mean they are just toys right? Well with the Star Wars series they have never been "just toys" , they are collectibles. I know you will be excited to see all of the offerings whether it be action figures, costumes, Lego sets and the rest but there are 2 specific toys that are available that I think will be under every tree of lucky Jedis and Siths this year, young and old.

First is the BB-8 droid. Just seeing this droid on screen you think wow that is so cool but how likely is it that a robot could propel itself with rolling in all directions yet still keep a "head" unit attached at the top, I mean imaginative yes but realistic? Well it appears not only was the character and it's unusual form of propulsion  realistic it's already been perfected in a toy!

Check this out!

Is that cool? Yes. $150 dollars is a lot of money for a "toy" though but I'm sure many many people will be lining up for that bad boy.

This second "toy" however will be THE toy this Christmas. I can not tell you how amazing this would have been for me to have as a child back when the first Star Wars came out, heck, it would be awesome to have as an adult. I don't know if this Millennium Falcon Drone can do the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsects but it would rock in my front yard.

Are you ready for this?

Happy Force Friday!


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