Fellow nerds unite! We have our first real look at "Star Trek Into Darkness". There have been many rumors about who the main villain will be. We know he will be played by actor Benedict Cumberland but not the character yet.

Ok first Benedict Cumberland is an awesome actor if you don't know him yet you will soon. If you have Netflix watch the BBC series "Sherlock". He plays the title role and he will also be the voice of "Smog" in the Hobbit movies.

The first teaser trailer for "Star Trek Into Darkness" has me ready to make my guess as to who the villain is. I will post it at the very bottom of this page so don't scroll past the video if you don't want to know my guess and why.



That is the American trailer. The one released in Japan has a little more to it. Scroll any further and you will know my theory!








This is a screen grab from the trailer released in Japan. This pic is basically the scene where Spock dies in "Star Trek II: Wrath Of Khan".


So I am willing to bet Benedict Cumberland will be Khan.

Here is the original death scene.