2020 has been good for one thing and that is the spectacular views in the night sky. There is a meteor shower that will happen this Sunday night that we could possibly see up to one hundred shooting stars. Here's how to watch. We have seen thirteen full moons and three supermoons. There were a blue moon and four lunar eclipses as well. Not to mention that we, at one point, could see five planets visible in the night sky throughout the month of November. We will also witness two planets, Jupiter and Saturn get the closest together and they will appear to be one planet on December 21st. Now there is a meteor shower that will happen this Sunday night (December 13th).

According to Syracuse.com, each year a spectacular meteor shower illuminates our skies. It's called the Geminid meteor shower and you can expect to see over one hundred bright shooting stars go across the skies if the weather is clear. You will also want to find a section of the night sky that is away from city lights or light pollution. The sky should be very dark because a new moon is on the way. This means that the moon will only be one percent full.

The 2020 Geminid meteor shower will be at its peak between two in the morning on Monday, December 14th. However, if you are looking up at the night sky around 9 pm on Sunday, December 13th, you may see a few shooting stars.

You won't need any special equipment like a telescope because the shooting stars should be able to be seen by the naked eye. With hundreds of them expected it should be quite the light show.

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