meteor shower

Capital Region Sky Will be Full of Shooting Stars Tonight
The Perseid Meteor Shower began on July 25th but its peak will be tonight. Summer weather makes it a nice night to look up at the Capital Region sky and see tons of shooting stars. I say you grab a blanket and your sweetheart, find a cozy place on the grass away from city lights and watch the show. …
Spectacular Meteor Shower to Happen Sunday Night
2020 has been good for one thing and that is the spectacular views in the night sky. There is a meteor shower that will happen this Sunday night that we could possibly see up to one hundred shooting stars. Here's how to watch.
Watch Meteor Showers This Week
The Lyrid meteor show is happening right now throughout the night sky. It is a spectacular display in the sky and is best visible a certain night this week.
Meteor Shower
People have been staring up in the sky for over 2000 years.  It's become an astronomical tradition.  It's back - the Perseid Meteor Shower!