Sparks were flying over the weekend as crews hustled to tear down and ultimately repair Sitterly Bridge Road in Clifton Park.  Back on April 14th, a commercial vehicle hit the Sitterly Road bridge causing major backups and delays.  Since the accident, southbound traffic near Exits 9 and 10 on the Northway was limited to passenger vehicles only, while trucks were detoured at Exit 10.  According to Clifton Park Highway Superintendent  Dahn Bull, crews went to work on Saturday night and skillfully began the the deconstruction of the damaged bridge.

On his Facebook page he posted photos with this caption, "In just two short hours, nearly the whole half of the bridge deck is removed. Looking to complete demolition (Sunday) morning. A temporary bridge will be put in place at a later date."

It's quite impressive to see the work that these men and women did over the weekend to get this bridge back and operable once again.  These structures are immense, and unless you're right up close, it's difficult to gauge how much skill is needed for a project like this.  Check out the progress here:

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Crews Work Hard to Replace Sitterly Road Bridge

The work being done is quite impressive.

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