State Trooper from New York Advances

Tom Nitti, the soulful State Trooper from Upstate NY found himself in a tense 3-way "Knockout Battle" with two of his Team Reba teammates Monday night on The Voice, but somehow found a sneak through to the next round.

NBC's The Voice returned for two one-hour episodes on Monday night, and up first in the three-way knockout round was Team Reba consisting of Jacquie Roar, Tom Nitti, and  Alison Albrecht.

Before any of them sang, they received some coaching from mega-mentor and country superstar, Wynnona Judd.

3-Way Knockout Round, Results

When it was time to perform, the three contestants gave it their all, highlighted by fantastic performances from all three.

Jacquie Roar led the way with a stunning rendition of "Girl" by Maren Morris, followed by Nitti's soulfully smooth version of "I'm Losing You" by the Temptations, and the third to perform for Team Reba was  Alison Albrecht who sang "It’s Too Late" by Carole King.

After the performances, it was pretty clear to anyone who watched that Nitti and Roar were head and shoulders the best, but the coaches could only choose one.

Of course, it wouldn't be The Voice without the added plot twists like "steals" and "saves" which is way too complicated to get into now.

Reba Picks Jacquie

After all three of the contestants performed, it wasn't looking great for the soulful State Trooper, and as many expected, Reba picked Jacquie, but Gwen swooped in to try and steal Tom, the New Hartford, NY native and member of the NYSP for eight years.

But Reba wasn't having it, and she chose to use her "save" on Nitti - who is now forced with a decision; Does he stick with Team Reba, or move over to Team Gwen?

Nitti thought about it for a few moments and then ultimately decided to stay with the woman who turned around for him during his Blind Audition.  Reba would later say that she wanted to keep both of them, and she got what she wanted on Monday night.

And so did we!

The Journey Continues for Nitti

The journey continues for Nitti, now a top 24 finalist after advancing to the "Playoff' rounds which will air next week on the show.

What do we know about Tom Nitti?

According to sources, Nitti entered the military after graduating high school and served in Afghanistan.

While in Afghanistan, Nitti sustained injuries and was awarded the Purple Heart.

Following his military service, Tom, like his father did before him, joined law enforcement and became a New York State Trooper eight years ago.

Nitti now trains new troopers at the New York State Police Academy and performs weekly, including the “National Anthem” at official events, while raising two children.

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