I never really thought there was a wrong way to pour my beer. As long as the beer makes it into the glass, that's it, right? Apparently not!

Not only are we apparently pouring beer the wrong way but it's causing those after-beer bubbly stomach aches. Business Insider posted a video to their Twitter of a 'beer sommelier' explaining the perfect pour. First, he described how most people pour their beer and why it's wrong. If you're the kind of person who tips the glass to stop a head on the beer, stop it!

According to this expert, you may be stopping the CO2 in the glass but it's still there and if it doesn't get released as a head on the glass, it ends up in your stomach and that's why beer leads to bubbles in your stomach. It's even worse if you drink beer like that and then try to eat something. Take a look at the video and see what happens when you drink a heavily carbonated beer poured incorrectly and then eat something.

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